Cassidy Scheer

img_team1Cassidy Scheer, Development Coordinator/Sales
Cassidy, son of Fred, has been the on-site manager of Sierpe del Pacifico since November of 2007. A 2004 graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Madison, Cassidy has managed various Fred Scheer businesses since 1999. Sharing Fred’s vision for the unique potential of Sierpe del Pacifico, Cassidy was excited to be presented with the opportunity to be part of the project from its initial phase. Fluent in the Spanish language, Cassidy is knowledgeable of the business culture of Costa Rica well practiced in methods of moving projects forward and through completion in this environment. In recent years he and Fred have embarked on several other successful real estate projects in Costa Rica.  In partnership with Fred, Cassidy has recently launched a new residential real estate project in his native state of Wisconsin.

Cassidy currently divides his time between Minneapolis, MN and Sierpe del Pacifico.  In his spare time he enjoys cycling, traveling, and is an avid fly-fisherman.  Like his father Fred, -Cassidy is also a world champion lumberjack sports athlete.  He holds numerous titles in speed-climbing, boom-running and the ironjack all-around events.