Common Areas

Scattered throughout the Sierpe del Pacifico property are areas and trails set aside for the enjoyment of all Sierpe del Pacifico guests. These are areas of high recreational value which will be preserved and managed to insure their timeless enjoyment by all Sierpe del Pacifico residents. Whether you fancy early morning hikes through the nature preserve or sunsets on one of the viewpoint platforms overlooking the river, be assured that the best of the Sierpe del Pacifico community will always be just that — communal.


On the northeastern tip of the property lies the main Sierpe del Pacifico pier. This pier is for all boat transport and mooring, and is accessible 24/7; even during the most extreme high and low tides. Directly next to the pier is the main Sierpe del Pacifico Rancho. This is a great place to enjoy a book or lunch, or wait for friends arriving to Sierpe del Pacifico. From the main Rancho you can take a walk in either direction on the mangrove trail. Follow it east to the estero platform which is situated on the bank of a small tributary. This viewpoint is completely surrounded by water at the high tide. Fish from the dock, watch the cycle of tides, or make use of the community kayaks stationed here. Continue east along the mangrove trail you’ll walk through one of Sierpe del Pacifico’s three gardens before reaching the top. On the front ridge you’ll find the two river view platforms; one out in the open, and one in the shade…for those really hot days! Both offer stunning views of the Rio Sierpe and surrounding mountain ranges.


Venturing west along the mangrove trail you will descend from the height of the front ridge down into the heart of the mangrove reserve. Be observant, this area consistently presents white faced monkey sightings. After about 200 meters of walking through the mangroves you will enter the main Sierpe del Pacifico garden. Here you will wonder at the genuine beauty of tropical flowers and plants in their natural environment. Admire the splendid colors of bougainvilleas, birds-of-paradise, and jamoron trees, or pick fresh citrus fruits, mangos, papaya, avocados, bananas, plantains or herbs for your evening meal. This is also a great spot to see one of Costa Rica’s 75 types of hummingbirds feeding on the nectar of native plant species.


Adventures along the wetland preserve and jungle trails are equally intriguing. The wetland preserve trail encircles the entirety of this virgin, untouched eco-system. Ribbon trees with their spider-like trunks canvassing the ground will awe the viewer. Combine this hike with the jungle trail, and you will experience a true secondary and primary growth rainforest immersion. A host of species including peccaries, sloths, and howler monkeys call this place home. Take a walk yourself and enjoy the pristine nature of a forever unspoiled tropical rainforests.